About Matthijs Eterman

In 1971 Matthijs started working as “the boy” in the piano repair shop of C.C.Bender in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Sweeping the floor and making the coffee and tea for the crew of technicians were his initial tasks. During the seven years in their employment Matthijs grew to become the house technician for the Royal Sweelinck Conservatory of Music in Amsterdam.


After seven years it was time for change and so he started working in the wood industry where he soon became “the guy” they used to fill in for sick or otherwise absent colleagues; as he had developed a fairly wide variety of skills.

In 1980 he started as an apprentice Musical Instrument Builder with developmentally handicapped people. After a two year study programme, he worked there for another five years.


For the next 2 years he single parented his daughter and was able to establish himself as an independent piano technician in the small city of Zutphen, NL.

In 1991 while visiting his brother in Canada, he fell in love with Vancouver and decided to make it his permanent home.


His first steps into the piano business in Canada (on a full time basis) brought him to The Piano Technicians Guild, where he soon befriended some local technicians who were kind enough to help him get onto his feet.

He has been serving the Greater Vancouver area as a piano technician and tuner since the early 90’s and built up a loyal clientele in this region.


Yes, we are in business in the Greater Vancouver area. 

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