About The Box and its Dedication 

In January 2006 I started my “pet project”, a tool chest to better protect my valuable tools. I was highly inspired by “The Toolbox Book” written by Jim Tolpin some of the ideas are directly from this source. The process did indeed, as he writes, further develop my woodworking skills. It is the first time I hand cut dovetail joints.




In February 2006 I had the honor to service the Steinway & Sons Concert Grand Piano at “West Acres” in Maple Ridge BC (this is by the way a regular contract for me).

By sheer luck I ended up meeting the performer of the evening, the world renowned pianist Janina Fialkowska.


During our short conversation we discovered a kinship as a result of similarities in our personal and professional lives.

I was so deeply touched by her performance and personality that I wanted to dedicate my project to her.


Knowing that many pianists sign the pianos they perform on gave me the idea to ask her to sign my tool chest.

I consider this a great gift and honor. After working almost 35 years as a piano technician, I dare say I have seen, heard and met a few pianists, but was never touched so deeply as by her performance.

My tool chest is far from finished, but I cannot resist starting to use it as it not only “works” for me as no other before, it also showcases some of my beautiful and in some cases, antique tools. 

To find out more about Janina Fialkowska please see: www.pianoplus.ca

“The Toolbox Book” from Jim Tolpin: www.taunton.com

The “West Acres” “Steinway & Sons Concert Grand model B”: www.steinway.com

The hardware and Tung oil finish came from Lee Valley Tools: www.leevalley.com


Yes, we are in business in the Greater Vancouver area. 


You can contact us at: (604)-240-2383 or matthijs@thepianoshopinabox.com