1. How often should my piano be tuned? – As a rule of thumb for the Greater Vancouver area, I recommend you have your piano tuned twice a year. For best results and year round top performance, it is necessary to see the instrument more often. Older pianos are usually fine with one tuning per year, especially if that is done every year in the same month.
  2. Can you service my brand of piano? -Yes, as long as your piano is an acoustic piano, I am able to service it. Piano technology has changed very little over the past 100 years and most instruments are similar in construction. There is rarely a need for non-standard parts.
  3. When should I tune my piano? (e.g. what season)  -In my experience it is most important to tune pianos regularly and rhythmically with the seasons. Every year between one and six times, preferably in the same months. For most in home pianos, I recommend tuning one to four times a year. Humidity and temperature move like a cycle up and down through the seasons. The tension on your piano will follow this pattern. By following the seasons with your piano tunings, it can greatly improve the tuning stability of the instrument.
  4. What is better, aural or scope tuning? – It is hard to beat the human ear with a machine, but there is a place for everything. Piano strings vibrate in harmonics, so every string generates a number of notes. All scopes can only measure one of these notes. All the others must be checked by ear. As most pianos are not receiving the amount of tuning they should, a more consistent tuning is generated when the general plan of the tuning is done by scope and the color of the tuning is added by ear. I like to use the best of both worlds.


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